The Afterwards (The Rosewood Series Book 1) by N. Heinz

fantasy souls - book-nicole heinz-afterwardsI’d always known I was different, a loner, the pretty little weird girl. But
not even my overactive imagination could’ve made this up…

When will the world end? We all wonder this at some point in our lives. For
me, it was sooner than I expected. Now I’m in hiding with Markus Kelly, a
man I just met, against an enemy that claims they were here first and we’re
the trespassers.

My name is Ruby Wynn and according to some ancient prophecy I’m a
dream’ar, not a dreamer, and my dreams have the power to unfold in waking
reality. But the last thing I want is to close my eyes at night, and I’m dreadfully
tired of hiding. I want to give up but Markus won’t let me. I want my life back.
I want my loved ones back but fate wants me more, one last time.


“The Afterwards” by N. Heinz is a very sweet novella. The plot starts in a familiar nest where Ruby, our protagonist finds herself constantly in controversy and questioning everything around her. She goes against the norm, and that is her magic.
Her curiosity opens the door for the adventure, and her special skills and particular vision of the world do the rest.

Heinz makes the title desireable either for fantasy, thriller, adventure and suspense readers. Why? Because the main story is fantasy, the action is constant since the introduction is placed, and the terrific end the author gives us, leaves us wanting more.
Those are amazing features for being the first book. The writing is sweet, descriptions are few, which makes everything much agiler. The book is quick to read so it’s perfect to spend a good afternoon with it. It’s structured in short chapters and the origin of the narrator is always Ruby’s thoughts.

The transformation of her world takes form in flashes and Heinz leads us perfectly through the change. Mystery, loyalty, paranormal, action. The thread is perfectly established, the suspense is latent, the end, unexpected.

I highly recommend it to a wide audience, because it’s a little great book. Sincere congrats to the author.



About the author


71sdgcdwejl-_us230_I love books and drink tons of coffee. I also have people talking to me in my head, telling me I should write their stories. I’m a deep thinker and kind of a weirdo. New to the author world and loving every second of it!

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