“Grimmest Things” by Honey Due



A liar. A lover. A cheat. A man lost to his inner demons. An innocent girl. The Devil himself. A ghost. A mother. Some of the people you will meet along the way belong in darkness, a few of them in light. Much like in life. But regardless of where they belong, they all deserve to have their stories told. This is not a traditional anthology, in the sense that it is not a collection of stories by multiple authors. But I believe that with many of these stories, the characters are telling their own tales, so in a way, this is an anthology. An anthology of lives. Who knows? You might even encounter a friend or two.


Readers Speak!

“Such a treat! A young writer with a strong and original voice! So many life stories captured with a few strokes of a pen or, more probably in our digital times, a few touches of a keyboard. They say good things come in small packages – Honey Due’s short stories are like that!” —Amazon Customer

About the Author

71TLYnHVGRL._US230_Honey Due is a young author who lives hidden away behind a keyboard of sorts. She occasionally peeks out at the world, but usually lets her characters wander the world for her.

She has constant trouble distinguishing between the words ‘wander’ and ‘wonder’, but she claims to do both. Admirably, she might add.

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