“Beyond Falcon’s Reach” by Jay Northearn



Gothic-medieval meets steampunk in the epic fantasy novel, Beyond Falcon’s Reach…

With the ancient blood-pact between landfolk and mountain-people at a precipice, Mourde Cullis buries himself into torturous experiments, seeking a mythical elixir of near-immortality.

Only the daughter of a powerful Landmaster can realise his goal, but the aristocratic loner soon discovers her gift to be laced with dire consequence. As an ice-age converges and the landfolk must leave their famine-stricken homes, a terrifying new order in Farr City is hungry for the Mourde’s dark legacy.

Cullis finds himself torn between the sinister, and redemption. Blood must flow freely, as it did long ago, without limits and by the sword.

The author’s thoughts

References to fear of crucifixes, the absence of reflections, and aversion to sunlight, etc, do not apply here, because the entire world-context, the entire evolution, is different. However, the themes of blood- dependence, longer life, and extraordinary physical traits do remain.

I think the book will appeal to a wide audience who enjoy speculative fiction in the broadest sense, including steampunkers – the medieval culture of the valley-dwelling ‘landfolk’ contrasts with the more advanced Renaissance level of the ( vampirical ) ‘mountain-people.’

One of the main characters of the mountain-kind, Mourde Cullis ( Mourde being an aristocratic title ) is rather like a seriously twisted Leonardo Da Vinci – a torturing, lab-rat ‘contraptionist’ using his technical genius for an extremely dark purpose.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JayNorthearn/

Youtube trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yK5nDhhV0G8

Audio Narration sample: https://soundcloud.com/user-…/beyond-falcons-reach-chapter-2

If you are a paperback reader! 

About the Author

After cutting his teeth as an artist in the 1990s computer games industry, Jay returned to traditional media and has produced imagery for licensing and abstract art for wall-art publishers.

He lives with his wife, Julia, in a UK market town, which can be traversed without blisters or spending money if taking the park-route.

New to fiction writing, Jay’s will to continue was boosted thanks to Booksie’s platform. Not so new to Fantasy in various media, he has an enviable collection of fantasy-art books sneaked in among Rothko and Kandinsky.

Readers Speak

Beyond its historical dimensions, this is a novel of incessant action. At the story’s outset we join a cavalcade of horse-riding searchers as they journey through a hiemal landscape hopping with hierophants, and mountain people (the vampirical race of this troubled world), diabolical pike-wielding, dwarf cousins of the Shaigoth, pious villagers and goblin-faced bartenders, land pirates and giantesses, poachers and shamans. The central characters gallop through a mosaic of ruined towers and rocky shelters, but somehow we know that they will never reach Valhalla. I unequivocally recommend the novel for its flavor, its color, its mood, its atmosphere.— FIVE STAR review by Joseph Suglia on Amazon

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