“McKillip Through the Ages: A Guide” by RIA POTTER

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Patricia A. McKillip. Almost every serious fantasy author knows her name, because she’s that good at what she does. Some books of hers I like more than others, but the fact remains that she is a prolific, amazing writer that everyone should read when diving into fantasy for the first time. She opens people’s eyes to the wonder of fantasy and imagination, to romance and adventure, to war and death. She has been a fan of mine since I was thirteen years old, and my mother handed me a book labeled “The Forgotten Beasts of Eld” and I had devoured it in a single day.

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“She opens people’s eyes to the wonder of fantasy and imagination, to romance and adventure, to war and death.”

She’s a good way to start reading more fantasy. She’s diverse, has strong female characters, realistic imagery, and believable plot lines. She’s as famous as they come, right up there with Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey, Elizabeth Bear, and many many others. She’s one of my all-time favorite authors, but few people are reading her works any more-at least, few that I’ve noticed.

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She’s diverse, has strong female characters, realistic imagery, and believable plot lines.

She writes strong high fantasy, as well as magical realism. Her latest book Kingfisher, is one that I haven’t yet read, though have been saving for a rainy day. Kingfisher looks to be just as impressive and engrossing as her other books in the fantasy genre, though I have admittedly heard mixed reviews-both good and bad-about the upcoming novel.

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However, despite the mixed reviews, Patricia McKillip remains firmly one of my top ten favorite female fantasy writers, for various reasons. I’ve read almost all of her books, and I recommend that you do as well, especially if you’re new to fantasy. Yet it doesn’t matter if you start with her first published novel, The Forgotten Beasts of Eld or her latest novel, Kingfisher, released in 2016 by ACE books. All of her books are worth giving a try in my humble opinion, new and old.

And for those of you who wonder who does the cover art for her books. From what Google and the Author’s Website has told me, it is the fabulous artist: Kinuko Craft. She has a page on the author’s website for your perusal though you cannot get in touch with the artist through that page from what I’ve read on the website: http://www.patriciamckillip.com/Craft/

Patricia McKillip has had author interviews from various peoples over the years as well, from Locus way back in 1992 and 1996, as well as for the 25th World Fantasy Convention written by her husband and that one is called “Voyages”. All interviews can be found on her website here: http://patriciamckillip.com/misc-interviews/

One of my favorite quotes from her during one of her many interviews is:


“I started writing because I was too young to know better.”


I did the same, because isn’t that how all great writers start? I don’t believe myself to be a great writer, let alone as good as the great Patricia McKillip, but one day I can only hope to be as well written and prolific as one of the many female authors that I’ve always greatly admired.

However, until I become as famous a writer as Patricia McKillip, I will continue reading books instead. For isn’t that what writers are always saying? Read read read, write write write?

In closing, keep writing Patricia McKillip. Because I will definitely keep reading!

RIA POTTER is a fantasy expert who offers amazing articles about books and authors.

“This blog is an attempt at keeping up with books and stuff that I find interesting in between what I’m currently reading. At the moment, I’m not reading anything-though I do have a pile of books at home, and a long long list of books that I currently want to read. (Including the occasional fanfic, but I’ll only put the really good ones I’ve read up here.

I doubt a lot of people will pay attention to this blog. For one thing, I don’t know anyone on here, and for another this blog is just an attempt at being more organized when it comes to what I’m reading these days. My goodreads account at last count had said I’ve read about 2,000 (give or take a few) books, but I know I’ve read more than that because I’ve learned to read since I was about six or so. (Mom didn’t let me watch cartoons, unless it was educational.)

My next bookish read? Probably either an e-book online or something from my younger sister’s shelf. And what she has on her shelf is mostly science fiction/fantasy, with a bit of romance. She and I share mostly the same tastes in books, but not always the same opinion about characters.

Anyways, I’m off to see what my sister has to offer. Hopefully she has some new books, and if not then I am going to annoy her into take me to the bookstore. What else are sisters for? 😉”

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