“The Place of Stars and Bones” by G. Owen Wears

stars n bones - final cover 2.0

A man alone, his memory a blank, moves north across a stark and desolate plane. Though unable to recall why, he is compelled to go on, trudging steadily beneath and endless star-filled sky. Before him
sprawls a nightmare landscape filled with animate corpses, massive carnal heaps, dead cities, and the last remnants of a race bent on its own self-destruction. To discover his unknown destination the lone traveler will have to face them all.

Readers Speak

This is a stupendous high-wire act of a novel: at once a reincarnation of the pulp-era fantasy greats like Lovecraft, Smith, and Howard, while on the other, a work of polished artistry and insight. Wears evokes a world that is truly frightening in its intensity: macabre visions, ghastly–even perverse–acts, and characters who follow their own alien, inscrutable logic. Binding it all together is our narrator “everyman,” who journeys boldly into this forbidding world, with the reader as his eager (and sometimes reluctant) Sancho Panza. In many ways, this is the gothic Don Quixote, though in thi case the world, rather than our hero, is possessed of madness.

Without giving anything of the story away, the charm of this story is how beautifully the narrative flows from event to event, and how through carefully chosen language and masterful descriptions Wears makes the horrific almost beautiful. This novel reminds me of watching an elegant praying mantis devour it prey–ripping off the head, consuming the body, but each movement with exquisite grace and poetry. It makes a lovely picture, just as an exploding volcano or an advancing thunderstorm is equally poetic. —FIVE STAR REVIEW Amazon’s Customer

About the Author

Owen Wears is not a Colorado native. He has, however, lived along the Front Range ever since being transplanted there at the age of three. After managing to stumble through elementary school, middle school, and high school Owen received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. Naturally, he now writes stories instead of painting.

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Currently, he lives in Loveland, Colorado with his girlfriend and a gratuitous collection of vintage paperbacks. When not out hunting for books he will never have the time to read, Owen can be found wandering one of the many parks and trails that run through his home town. That, or staring aimlessly into the trees or up at the sky. It is in these places that stories live.





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