Fantasy Book Selection

Looking for a fantastic read? Today we feature 

Carol E. Leever and Camilla Ochlan
Vanessa Ravel
Tearshiani Glass
Bree Moore
Rich Paleschi
Eric Dontigney
Derek Shupert
Walter Rhein
Brian Rella
Jack Massa
Jessica Flaherty  and Keith Flaherty
Rose S. King
G. Wears
Andrea B Lamoureux
J.S. Garner
S.P. Joseph Lyons
Silvana G. Sánchez
Sergio Leonardo Cornejo


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Night’s Gift: The Adventure Begins (Of Cats And Dragons Book 1) by Carol E. Leever and Camilla Ochlan 

Omen is a young warrior with a knack for finding trouble. Nobody’s surprised when he unwittingly makes a deal with an undead alchemist. In over his head, Omen has to band together with the notorious prince of Hex to battle bloodthirsty giants, devious Night Dwellers, and arcane magic — all while trying to survive in the city’s infamous arena fights.

But when Omen accidentally frees a talking cat, total disaster can’t be averted.

In the shadows of the city,  an ancient evil awaits.

Can our young heroes protect the cat and the people of Hex, or will they end up as an undead nightmare’s main course?

Four o’Clock Alice by Vanessa Ravel

She didn’t choose the touch of death…

…it chose her.

When the time comes, will she know how to use it?

Alice Davies wouldn’t hurt a fly, but death seems to follow her everywhere. And as the body count rises, people in Dolwicke start to whisper.

Little do they know, Alice is the least of their worries. An abomination lurks in the shadows. No human is safe.

As family secrets close in around the key to humanity’s salvation, Alice is determined to find out the truth about her curse, even if it kills her.

Will she survive the revelation?

…Or will it transform her?

Lament of an Empire Kindle Edition by Tearshiani Glass

The Gods have lost control. Demons plague Alexandria.
After escaping 16 years of imprisonment at the hands of her malicious father,
Princess Errika will experience a world she’s never known.
Vowing to bring peace to the land, she joins a ragtag group of likeminded souls.
Will they save the lands they love? Or will the treachery that surrounds Princess Errika, doom them to failure?
A MAD King, a CURSE, and a WITCH. Kingdoms on the BRINK of WAR. Isn’t that how all good fairytales start?

Woven (Woven, Book 1) by Bree Moore

For thirty years, Elaina has sat in her tower, fingers caught in an eternal dance, cursed to weave the tapestry of life on her loom. Bound by an enchanted mirror whose magic shows her the distant lives of the people of Camelot, she must forever watch a land which remains ever beyond her reach. Elaina despairs that she will never experience more than just the shadows of life, until one day a face appears in the mirror that will change her life, and possibly her fate, forever.

Guinevere is losing her mind. When a severe injury to her head nearly kills her and awakens alternate personalities suppressed from her past, Guinevere learns that one of them is plotting with a knight of the round table to murder King Arthur and take control of Camelot. In the midst of war, Guinevere fights to save both her own life and the man she loves, each day coming closer to succumbing to the violent personalities within her.

Inspired by Arthurian legend and Lord Alfred Tennyson’s ballad, “The Lady of Shalott”, Woven spins a tale of two women who must risk everything to save those they love most into an epic of enchantment, love, and madness.

Wretched Fairy Tales and Fables: A Modern Collection of Twisted and Corrupted Devilment by Rich Paleschi

Fairy Tales and Fables are meant to delight and teach valuable lessons… Not these ones! These 17 reworked urban enchantments contain all manner of wretched deviance, whilst twisting over the pages like jelly coated eels.

Among your corrupted childhood favourites stalking this book are; paedophile wolves, a reckless gingerbread man, miraculous beetles, a vengeful monkey, a pied piper with sinister designs and a factory owner who believes he’s discovered elves. These yarns switch from humour to desolation and keep the reader on the edge of their seat but desperate to keep turning the pages. Murder, manipulation and mayhem… Everything a good fairy tale needs!

The Midnight Ground (Adrian Hartworth Book 1) by Eric Dontigney

As middleman to the magical community at large, Adrian Hartworth never sticks around. His nomadic lifestyle keeps him a step ahead of friends, enemies, and all too often, law enforcement. Then he saves Abby Simmons and her grandfather, only to find himself unofficially adopted into their unlucky family. Years of experience tell him that the cancer killing Abby is anything but natural. His instincts say flee.

The Huntress Bane (A Vampire Slayer Short Story) (Survive the End Book 2) by Derek Shupert

Amanda and her horde of survivors are on the run.

Amanda would rather die than become a blood slave for Mathias again. But as she seeks a haven for her and her people, she realizes nowhere is safe.

Mathias craves Amanda’s blood in a way he never thought possible. She belongs to him, and though she attempted to kill him, all can be forgiven if he can just bring her back.

When Mathias and his vampires surround her safe house, Amanda must find the courage to face him again. But just because she survived once doesn’t mean she’ll make it out again.

Fans of Underworld and Resident Evil are devouring this dark fantasy thriller.

Scroll up and 1-click to start reading today!

The Reader of Acheron (The Slaves of Erafor Book 1) by Walter Rhein

Book One of the Slaves of Erafor series: Reading is forbidden, and the penalty for non-compliance is a life of slavery enabled by the forcible administration of a mind rotting drug. Yet, there are those possessed of the will to seek illumination. Kikkan, a former slave on the run, and Quillion, a mercenary and self-taught scholar. Together they seek out a small band of rebels living in hiding who offer the promise of a better world. Their leader is a mysterious figure known only as The Reader of Acheron.

Watchers of the Fallen (A Second Death Supernatural Thriller Book 1) by Brian Rella

Fallen angels were sent to kill Frank when he was a boy.

He’s been killing them ever since.

When a Watcher is gruesomely murdered, the Order suspects it’s one of the Fallen and tasks Frank with apprehending the killer. But nothing could prepare Frank or the Order for what he finds during the investigation:

Someone has used stolen magic to free Arraziel, a fallen angel who feeds on the life force of humans. Frank needs to stop Arraziel and find the killer before more of the Fallen are freed.

If he fails, the human race may not survive.

The Mazes of Magic (Conjurer of Rhodes Book 1) by Jack Massa

A novel of myth, magic, and adventure, set in the Age of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The Lord of the Abyss is rising in Egypt. Can a reckless young Greek find the power to stop him?

Imprisoned in a slave yard, tormented by spells of madness, Korax the Greek struggles to regain his memory.

Purchased by the High Priest Harnouphis, he is given an Egyptian name, transported to a temple on the Nile, put into service as a translator.

But Harnouphis also has another plan: to tap the Greek’s extraordinary talent as a seer to advance his own dark ambitions.

As his wits return, Korax forges a plan of his own: to learn enough magic to escape and return to his home island of Rhodes. But before he can act, he must answer a calling from the Goddess Isis:

“Are you willing to serve the gods?”

Always Darkest (Arbitratus Trilogy) by Jessica Flaherty  and Keith Flaherty

Everybody loves a hero.
Everybody loves an antihero with a heart of gold.
Nobody loves a demon.
Nobody but Mal Sinclair, though she doesn’t know it.
Ben was just looking for a vacation from hell, but wound up finding his life’s purpose instead.
Always Darkest, Book I of The Arbitratus Trilogy, draws you into a world of angels and demons walking among us, a world where good and evil are not absolutes. An ancient prophesy sets the stage, but the players will decide the outcome.
And the fate of the world hangs in the balance.
Piers Anthony (Xanth, Incarnations of Immortality, et al.) calls Always Darkest “A different story,” and “A solid fantasy novel”.

Blessings of the Firebird’s Light: The Firebird’s Blessings Saga: Book 1 by Rose S. King

Audry Duvessa knows something about dark forces. She has been given the moniker “Dark Beauty” for her role in her mother’s coven of sorcerers. Audry is destined to take over and continue her mother’s work, but a surprising ally opens her eyes to the possibility of redemption.

MÁGISSA  by  G. Wears

WOMEN OF MAGIC, INTRIGUE & MYSTIQUE: Some are motivated by the need to help their fellow beings, others by the pursuit of power, wealth, or revenge. Here are thirteen stories about women of magic, intrigue, and mystique. Compiled by the editor of the pulp fantasy and horror anthology EXTERUS, this collection will be sure to spark the imagination of anyone who prefers their fantasy to be deliciously clever, occasionally wicked, and always unconventional. FEATURING THE LITERARY TALENTS OF: Patricia S. Bowne, Corissa McClay, Dennis Mombauer, Victoria Knapp, Jude Fawley, Melody Jones, L.C. McKinnon, Saoirese Ross, G. Owen Wears, Jaap Boekestein, Sara L. Uckelman, Joshua Grasso, and Todd Sullivan 

Zephyra: Book One of The Elemental Diaries by Andrea B Lamoureux

A royal fire elemental. The mysterious man she can’t figure out. And a mad king with a dark plan.

Bullied as a child and never able to live up to her mother’s expectations, it’s no wonder Zephyra longs to leave her royal life at court behind.
When she has to do just that in order to protect her cousin, the queen, she quickly finds out how dangerous life beyond the palace walls is. And there is more than one threat to the kingdom.
After being thrown in harms way, Zephyra’s destiny becomes entangled with a mysterious stranger’s who harbours secrets of his own.

Can she learn to trust him and master the fire within her before their world is shrouded in darkness?

Perfect for fans of books like Throne of Glass and Queen of the Tearling.

Buy now to start the series packed full of magic and adventure!

Yellowstone Protocol: A Pandemic of One

Yellowstone Protocol: A Pandemic of One by J.S. Garner

Layla’s mysterious vampire-like disease turns out to be an ancient Fairy-made biological weapon. It has been released by separatists and now threatens not only the delicate balance of the treaty between magical beings and humans, but also mankind itself. A desperate race to find a way to cure the disease before it falls into the wrong hands breaks out and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

The Demond of Legend: When a hero isn’t enough, sometimes, we need a legend (The DRUX Series Book 1) by S.P. Joseph Lyons

In the absence of the all-powerful DRUX, their former servants, the wizards, rule with unmatched power-hungry fury. As they mercilessly destroy all who oppose them, the universe is set to fall to their tyrannical enslavement.

Only one, the Lord of the DRUX, with his mystical and ethereal sword, stands a chance against such a menacing foe. But he cannot do so as a DRUX. He must take on the weakness of mortal flesh.

Struggling to endure human limitations and emotional toil, the Demond of Legend forges a forbidden love with a mortal girl; a bond stronger than any supernatural power he has ever known. But will that love be enough for him to overcome such crippling odds and bring peace back to the universe?

Written In Blood: A Novel Of The Unnatural Brethren by Silvana G. Sánchez

A treat for paranormal and historical romance lovers!

Ivan Lockhart cheated death for the last time.

When Ivan escapes a fatal tragedy where his brother dies, damnation follows his every step.

Haunted by guilt, Lockhart flees Winterbourne and embarks to the city of Venice along with his sister, Alisa.

In his travels, he discovers a forsaken island that conceals a rare lineage of immortals: the Sartie Mangiatori. But to make matters worse, Ivan has become a target of one of such creatures.

The Old World’s legends are true—vampires and witches are real. There’s no going back for Ivan Lockhart when he inadvertently steps in a realm of Darkness.

Steel and Flame (The Avlaan Cycle Book 2) by Sergio Leonardo Cornejo

The Northern Continent in Avlaan relies on the Auxiliarii guilds to watch over the population. Their role as neutral parties in most conflicts, and their general aim of helping everyone, make them the most reliable force in the region.This is the story of Zeneth and Ruwa, two Auxiliarii officers who take part in one of the greatest operations of their guild. After foiling an attempt at sabotaging their home town, the two officers embark on a mission to stop the ones behind the crime. Working alongside other Auxiliarii officers and reliable allies, they will face a challenge far greater than they imagined.
The bonds of trust and loyalty the Auxiliarii guilds rely one will be crucial in their success. Strong on their own, united in might.

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