Awakening (Legends from the Land of Shaarn Book 1) by P.D. Dennison


Ravak, a young hunter of the Winter Wolf Clan, becomes entangled in a quest to stop Graxxen, an undead wizard from a past age bent on enslaving the Land of Shaarn into his army of the dead.

Graxxen is a dark sorcerer whose evil ambitions drive him to turn himself into a lich, an undead mage of unimaginable malevolent power. He enslaves all the goblins of the Dark Fang horde, using their great numbers to overwhelm and exterminate the people of Shaarn, conscripting their fallen into his army of ghouls.

Banished from his clan, Ravak finds himself alone for the first time, forced to live off the savage lands of his ancestors. Heading south to civilization seeking a new beginning, he encounters two travelers on a journey to find ancient artifacts that may just be the key to stopping the evil lich.

With the aid of his cadre of newfound companions, Ravak and company struggle to overcome Graxxen’s twisted plot. Will the future be dark or will a day of hope yet dawn for the Land of Shaarn?

Fans of Christopher Paolini and J.R.R. Tolkien will gleefully immerse themselves in this series. Order your copy today!

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