Heavenly Realms: Grey Aegis by Jonathan Andrew Goss


The War for the Throne has long since ended. The Fallen have been exiled. Heaven is secure. But the War for Souls now rages with infernal wrath as Faithful and Fallen battle one another on Earth for the sake of humanity.

Thrust into this maelstrom, filled with demonic as well as angelic foes, is the legend of Zion. He sundered the earth and scorched the firmament. He surmounted the champions of his damned brethren and returned from the dead, the rock star of Heaven’s revolting concert.

He was always inspiring: dangerous in his comedy; beautiful in his tragedy.

But now he endures the divinely imposed restrictions of a Second War’s rules of engagement. For such a creature, there is no solace absent attrition.

Amidst his battle of wits and wills, he’ll face an adversary far deadlier than any archangel, angel or human. And it will claim him. Then, when his Fall leaves Zion bereft of its prodigy, he will know the price of sin. Yet through the very power which fueled his pride, one forsaken hero will tread the path of chaos towards reunion. He will wander in the fog of war, where light and dark are grey, where hope might harbor a means to amends.

Before a hallowed jury, this Son of God’s smoky tenor will keen a forlorn opera, recounting his sinful tale and the search for that feat which has thus far eluded every Fallen.

Set in these end of days, filled with saints-turned-villains and villains-revealed-martyrs, Grey Aegis is the story of one angel’s Fall and his subsequent reach for that which God has vouchsafed to every soul: redemption.


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