Bloody Fae: A Dark Fantasy Reverse Harem (The Fae Hybrid Trilogy Book 1) by Keelan Hayward


My name is Redell of Overrealm, and after one snowy night with a vampire my life forever changed. No longer was I a fae born of light. I was resurrected in darkness as a hybrid—part vampire, part fae.
After two hundred years living in Centerrealm, the vampire king of Castle Bloodborne has discovered my existence. He plans to use me as a pawn to conquer Overrealm. With the help of my fated mates and the cold-blooded prince who turned me, I will use every ounce of my dual powers to stop the king’s plan and bring him to his knees. In a world where you’re either blessed by the light or cursed by the darkness, my existence will forever blur the lines.

Bloody Fae is book one in the Fae Hybrid Trilogy, a dark fantasy reverse harem series for readers 18+. It’s filled with lots of action, suspense, steam, and a splash of M/M because why not?



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