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This sub-genre is very similar to the “Alternate History” sub-genre. It is a subgenre in which stories are set in a specified historical period but with some element of fantasy added to the world, such as magic or a mythical creatures or characters. Often the magic retreats from the world so as to allow history to continue unaltered. When the plot alters history, as it were, the story moves into the Alternate History sub-genre.

“War Maiden” by Young Song


In Ashryia, the Nobles are given a choice. They can recuse themselves from service to the kingdom, choose the Path of the Crown and train in the art of diplomacy, or choose the Path of the Sword and join the Ashryian Army.

Ever since the death of her mother, Alastrine of Naramore has dreamed of becoming a soldier, a War Maiden. However, as a Noble Lass, choosing the Path of the Sword would break from Tradition and invoke the wrath of the Nobles. Despite this, Alastrine holds aloft the sword.
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“Sacred Band Series (9 Book Series)” by Janet Morris


From Book 1: Relive the iconic adventures of Tempus the Black and his Sacred Band through the eyes of Nikodemos, his right-side companion, as Niko seeks his spirit’s balance on Bandara’s misty isles.
Five early tales of the Stepsons in a world of thieves, novelized with additional stories available nowhere else. Ride with Tempus and his Sacred Band once again, or for the first time. PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Parts of this work have been published in substantially similar form in several volumes of the million-selling shared universe series, Thieves World® and in the Janet Morris’ first Sacred Band novel, Beyond Sanctuary.

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“The Tollkeeper” by Mark Vickers

41dhbzsm75lKlaus Rise is a creature out of Norse mythology living in the 21st century.

Through the darkest hours of the night, he maintains a low profile as a tollkeeper along a lonely stretch of Florida causeway. Then a drunken, loud-mouthed motorist causes Klaus to lose his stony cool, spurring him to recount two intertwined stories. One is an epic coming-of-age tale set in medieval Norway and Iceland, and the other is a modern sunshine noir mystery in which he attracts the attention of a woman who is more than she seems. Continue reading “The Tollkeeper” by Mark Vickers

“Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell” by Susanna Clarke

The woman within the mirror drew nearer. For a moment she appeared directly behind it and they could see the elaborate embroidery and beading of her gown; then she mounted up upon the frame as a step. The surface of the mirror became softer, like a dense cloud or mist.

41j7tfekrvl-_sx286_bo1204203200_Centuries have passed since practical magicians faded into England’s past. Only one remains: the reclusive Mr Norrell, whose magical powers – of conjuring, misdirection and resurrection – send a thrill through the country.

But cautious, fussy Norrell is challenged by the emergence of the brilliant Jonathan Strange. Young, handsome and daring, Strange is the antithesis of Norrell. And so begins a dangerous battle between two great men whose obsessions and dabblings with the dark arts will cause more trouble than they can possibly imagine.


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