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The juvenile fantasy sub-genre is a fantasy story written for a younger audience, with appropriately younger characters, i.e. children or teens who have unique abilities, gifts, possessions or even allies. The classic example of the sub-genre is C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. In the earlier part of the 20th century, C.S. Lewis noted that fantasy was more accepted in juvenile literature, and therefore a writer interested in fantasy often wrote in it to find an audience.

Book Excerpt – The Skyhorse by HL Carpenter

The SkyHorse 400 by 600

Sweat rolls from under my hair and slides down my neck. I raise my arm to brush the dribble away. My deodorant has failed. At least nobody’s around to know.

I swipe my fingers across my denim shorts and head for home—for Gramma’s house. Honeysuckle Hollow is not my home. And never will be. Midway along the park’s paved road, I turn right, onto a five-acre field that was once Gramma’s watermelon patch.

Even if the land had still belonged to Gramma, the drought of the past six months would have killed off any chance of a watermelon crop. The brown withered grass crunches under my feet. All the oak trees in the field are drooping. Their stiff leaves curl like tight leafy fists of desperation. Except for a two-second downpour Monday afternoon, no rain has fallen. Every step I take raises dust. The wisps levitate like ghostly tentacles and curl around my bare legs as if pleading for my help. Honeysuckle Hollow Park is so dry the dust is begging for water. Continue reading Book Excerpt – The Skyhorse by HL Carpenter

“The Coven Princess” by Lily Luchesi


Your blood does not define you.
Harley Torrance’s parents were killed in a home invasion when she was three. Adopted by a nice couple, Harley begins to develop strange powers. At fourteen she brews a potion so strong it gains the attention of the Coven King, and changes her world forever.
She’s not human, she’s a witch. Continue reading “The Coven Princess” by Lily Luchesi

“Kingdom of Durundal” series by S. E. Turner

fantasy souls - fantasy book promotion - kingdom of durundal-banner

‘Where clans and courts collide
Where masters and leaders connive
Where rulers rise and fall
in the Kingdom of Durundal’

I would like to introduce you to my series – The Kingdom of Durundal – available in kindle, paperback, and free in kindle unlimited. There are four books, made up of the following elements:

Fantasy, history, ancient mythology, sword and sorcery, battles, apothecary (herbal medicines), spirituality, honour, betrayal, vengeance, hope and despair, relationships, the building of families, the destruction of clans, the downfall of courts, moral dilemmas, voyages of discovery, journeys of body and soul, coming of age, love, strength, courage.

The Kingdom of Durundal is foremost a series, and involves the same central characters throughout. The books can be read independently of each other – and can be read as stand alone – certainly by Book Three – there are more dynamics and more themes – a rawness and a much darker side. However, to get the flow of the story – it is best to start at the beginning with ‘A Hare in the Wilderness’ and read through the story in order. That way, you understand how the characters develop – and how their lives interweave. —S. E. Turner

Continue reading “Kingdom of Durundal” series by S. E. Turner

“Protostar: An Epic Space Adventure Series” (The Star-Crossed Saga) by Braxton A. Cosby


When Prince William of the Torrian Alliance comes to Earth to assassinate the last Starchild Sydney, he must make an impossible choice between love and duty.

The critically acclaimed, space opera romance, Sci-fi debut from award-winning author Braxton A. Cosby, The StarCrossed Saga is written in the spirit of The Hunger Games and the Divergent Series.
Gold Medal Winner of Reader’s Favorite and Literary Children’s Classics Award for Sci-fi Young Adult Continue reading “Protostar: An Epic Space Adventure Series” (The Star-Crossed Saga) by Braxton A. Cosby

“Destiny Revealed: A Wizards and Beasts Adventure Series” (The Destiny Trilogy Series Book 1) by Cris Pasqueralle



On the day of their thirteenth birthdays, twins Jack and Maddie Austin receive a special gift from their wizard relative Uncle Benny: two necklaces, along with a note shrouded in secrecy. The celebration is interrupted by three intruders, led by the evil being Tardon, who kidnaps the twin’s parents. Uncle Benny manages to escape with the twins and later, reveals the truth behind both their gifts and identities: that Jack and Maddie are powerful wizards from the magical realm. Now, faced with the decision of a lifetime, they must return to that realm, rescue their parents and save all the realms from imminent doom. Continue reading “Destiny Revealed: A Wizards and Beasts Adventure Series” (The Destiny Trilogy Series Book 1) by Cris Pasqueralle

“Legacy of Dragonwand”: A High Fantasy Dragon Adventure Series – Book 1 (Legacy of Dragonwand Trilogy) by Daniel Peyton

51yrIk6OngLA teenage would-be wizard just wants to go to wizard school, but he finds himself on an epic quest instead…all the standard elements of a YA fantasy protagonist’s transformation into a hero – KIRKUS REVIEWS
He Who Seeks Power, Seeks Destruction.
Over 1000 years ago, nearly all the ancient wizards were destroyed after the Wizard Wars. However, the one who started the War still remains, having worked his will in secret. If he can find the last Dragonwand, he will regain his powers as the dark dragon. Continue reading “Legacy of Dragonwand”: A High Fantasy Dragon Adventure Series – Book 1 (Legacy of Dragonwand Trilogy) by Daniel Peyton