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Which one was the first piece you wrote?

The first piece of any consequence I wrote was a “Hard” science fiction novella called Night Music, which I self-published (and which thus has remained admirably Invisible!).

It’s a tale of an expedition to Mars, to investigate the ominous, months-long silence from the outpost already on-site…

Can you describe your book in a couple of lines?

New Eyes is a sequel to the Post-Cyberpunk detective novella, “Mechanical Error” (though I wrote it so that it could stand alone).

New Eyes (my first novel) follows a group of quirky, intelligent characters on a journey to Mars, seeking answers, closure, and redemption, one which takes them all the way to Mars. Along the way they find connections, friendship, and even love.

The Sci/Tech is faithful, the descriptions are vivid, the dialogue quippy and engaging (think Joss Whedon).

There are reflections on consciousness and humanity, coded references to social justice (using androids as stand-ins for assorted marginalized groups), and a whole lot of humor (because what’s the point if you can’t have a laugh along the way?).

What is the book you always keep close, and why?

I can never be too far from Dune. If I had to pick a Desert Island Book, that would be it. It comprises SUCH a profound accumulation of Wisdom, I NEVER stop finding new things in it to enlighten my journey through life!

Do you have an inspiration source?

I am constantly inspired by the rapidly-evolving landscape of private spaceflight endeavours which are sprouting like mushrooms after a rain, as we speak. SpaceX, Blue Origin, Rocket Labs, Bigelow Aerospace, Virgin Galactic, etc., remind me that the era of Earthbound humanity is coming to an end…And the Adventures which await us cannot currently be fathomed!

What are your current projects?

Right now, I am LASER-Focused on getting the word out on New Eyes: it is –by a WIDE margin– my Favorite of all the things I’ve written!

But I’ve also been compiling voluminous notes on another novel-length sequel, as well as a host of associated side-stories.

Which kind of music do you listen to?

Oh, my musical tastes’ eclecticism border on the bizarre! Chopin and Celtic tunes (often accompanied by m’self on one of my pennywhistles), Deltron 3030, Peter Gabriel, Rush, Bob Marley, various Punk bands, and movie soundtracks….Alexa must think me QUITE Daft!

What kind of reader is your book for?

Real danger of perceived snobbery there! I write for people who want to see a scene before them, who want to hear the voices of believable people in their heads, who want to be in new places. I’m writing for people who want to feel what others feel, who hunger for experiences they might not otherwise have.

I suppose I’m writing for folks who do not shy away from vivid descriptions, who love language: its precision, its music.

How would you describe your style?

Well, it’s NOT like Hemingway! I write the sorts of things I most love to read: vivid, adjective-rich depictions of a scene, psychologically and philosophically-Searching prose that sweats the science, does the maths, and still delivers enough of the Funny to keep it all engaging.

I mean, I’m not H.P Lovecraft!  But “Spare” would not be an applicable description of my style!

What’s your writing process?

Truth be told, it’s not all that Erudite: I sit in my Fortress of Solitude, mutter my thoughts into Google Docs’ Voice-To-Text feature, accumulate a critical mass of sundry ideas, then proceed to stitch them together into a narrative which can (hopefully!) support them.

Then I read, and re-read, and re-re-read, and edit, and tweak, till it starts to Flow.

How would you define your evolution as a writer?

I’ve been striving to move away from trying to be too benevolent a god to my characters. Sparing them from suffering, if it’s at the expense of the story has been a Journey for me.

I still have a ways to go on that…but I’ve NO wish to become like a George R.R. Martin, whose conspicuous lack of empathy for his characters will always strike me as off-putting!

What would be your advice to new authors?

At the risk of being trite: “WRITE!

Waiting for the Perfect Story to hatch is a perfect recipe for getting nothing done.

One can always edit and cull, downstream. But it is vital to accumulate a critical mass of material, and to maintain an actively-nurtured relationship with one’s Muse!

Which one is the mistake you would avoid now, looking back in time?

I would not have waited nearly so long (and accumulated quite so long a list of rejection letters) before self-publishing “Night Music” (or the unrelated short story, “A Night’s Work”) before availing myself of Amazon’s Kindle self-publishing options.

It’s LOVELY to have one’s work published by someone else, of course.

But the implicit  Intent of writing is to communicate.  Waiting for the Right Gatekeepers can be a fool’s errand, if a venue exists for getting one’s words out.

What’s your favourite quote?

“Nothing in the wicked world is permanent, not even our troubles.”  –Charlie Chaplin.

Do you have a favourite artist?

Wow! That’s a WAY-Ambitious question! If I had a really big gun to my head, I would have to say Claude Monet.

Where can you readers find you?

Here’s my Amazon Author Page:


And here’s the link to New Eyes:


What is the best time of the day for you to write?

I am arguably-unhealthily nocturnal by nature: it’s the Wee Hours that hold the most consistent access to my fickle stable of Muses.

Can you tell us something about your next book?

After a series of short side-stories, the sequel to New Eyes will take some of my characters back to Earth (VERY different from Mars), to explore the dimensions of the Learnings which occurred, regarding Artificial (etc.) Intelligence, and the importance of defending interpersonal connections against impersonal forces which act to drive them apart. I’m also looking into ways to make the Action even more heart-stopping/page-turning than it is in New Eyes…. 😉

Thank you!

fantasy souls - fantasy promotion-tobias cabral-new eyes


Just six months ago the rogue android, BopLpops’ grisly killing spree came to an end.

Gaspar Núñez’s conscience can find no relief for his part in unknowingly helping the horribly-abused ‘Synth’ wreak his terrible vengeance…even though it cost him his eyes.

But now a desperate, dangerous path has opened up for him to seek atonement, one that will carry him all the way to Mars.

Jenna Graham never saw the Darkness in BopLpops until that terrible summer night, half a year ago.

She’d worshiped him every time he performed for his adoring fans, the monster within him wholly hidden from her eyes.

Now chance has brought her an opportunity to confront the trauma that’s haunted her all this time.

Meanwhile, operatives of a shadowy anti-technological religious group have vowed to thwart their plans at any cost.

NEW EYES continues the story of the critically-acclaimed Cyberpunk detective novella, MECHANICAL ERROR.

A thrilling, thoughtful science fiction adventure, it crosses the space between worlds while exploring what it means to be human.


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The Coven Queen (The Coven Series Book 5) by Lily Luchesi



Become the witch you were born to be.

Harley Sinclair has had more than her share of heartbreak, and now she’s all alone once again, trying to hold her life together and move on from the tragedies and the losses of both the dead and the living.

However, she cannot indulge in grief over heartbreak nor death.

Bodies are being found all over London, and then one turns up in the Coven’s confines. Someone is hunting witches and wizards, and with the Coven leaderless, they are more vulnerable than ever.

In order to escape the memories haunting her, she agrees to fly to Chicago to find the source of the murders before everyone she knows is killed.

Discover the magic, mystery, and mischief in the final installment of the #1 bestselling Coven Series!



Once Upon a Time…When Things Turned Out Okay by Michelle von Eschen


Once upon a time…a woman wrote a collection of short stories, none of which end particularly well for their characters.

This is a mini collection showcasing the diverse skill of Michelle Kilmer (von Eschen) and written for debut at Crypticon Seattle, a horror convention, in 2019. Featuring five short stories of loss detailing how far life is from a fairy tale. Continue reading Once Upon a Time…When Things Turned Out Okay by Michelle von Eschen

The Dragon Has Wings by S P Oldham


Carreg Tan is a peaceful kingdom, watched over by a protective and benevolent Dragon Queen. It is thrown into sudden despair when the Queen’s own guard, known as The Six, overthrow her, murdering her and seizing power. Her son Ifan and daughter Crystin are forced to run for their lives.

Only females can take dragon form, meaning that Carreg Tan’s only hope is Crystin. Yet many challenges lie along her path to power; the greatest of them all being survival.

Murderers, mercenaries and malevolent beasts are not all that Crystin must overcome to achieve her one, single goal; to regain power. But can she do it, and will the world be better for it if she does?

A tale of grim, dark fantasy following the fortunes of a young heiress who has to fight at every turn to take back what is hers, whatever the cost.


About the author

81nkf6zjqrl._us230_I am an author of horror/supernatural fiction as S P Oldham. I have a website, So Lost in Words, where I welcome constructive comments and questions should you want to pay me a visit: https://solostinwords.com/. There are also some shorter pieces of my writing and other bits and bobs on there too.


“By the Hand of Dragons: Rook” by Alexzander Christion

Sheath has just learned that he is not a boy, but a Chimera, a weapon created by powerful dragon magic to be the perfect warrior and win a war almost one believes is coming. One of an army of 300 child soldiers, he must master every art of war and become powerful enough to defeat a threat that frightens even the Council of Dragons. Continue reading “By the Hand of Dragons: Rook” by Alexzander Christion

Book Excerpt – The Skyhorse by HL Carpenter

The SkyHorse 400 by 600

Sweat rolls from under my hair and slides down my neck. I raise my arm to brush the dribble away. My deodorant has failed. At least nobody’s around to know.

I swipe my fingers across my denim shorts and head for home—for Gramma’s house. Honeysuckle Hollow is not my home. And never will be. Midway along the park’s paved road, I turn right, onto a five-acre field that was once Gramma’s watermelon patch.

Even if the land had still belonged to Gramma, the drought of the past six months would have killed off any chance of a watermelon crop. The brown withered grass crunches under my feet. All the oak trees in the field are drooping. Their stiff leaves curl like tight leafy fists of desperation. Except for a two-second downpour Monday afternoon, no rain has fallen. Every step I take raises dust. The wisps levitate like ghostly tentacles and curl around my bare legs as if pleading for my help. Honeysuckle Hollow Park is so dry the dust is begging for water. Continue reading Book Excerpt – The Skyhorse by HL Carpenter

“Desert Shadows” by Joshua Dowidat


For Caleb and Liam, a pair of close-knit brothers who have trouble fitting in at school, the Southwest desert around their home offers a place where their imaginations can run wild.

But as their explorations take them farther from home, a sinister darkness begins to invade their happy adventures — a darkness that is far more real than what their imaginations can conjure up. And when they collect souvenirs from an abandoned house that turn out to be powerful talismans connected to a mysterious shadow land, strange events and people begin intruding into their lives. Along the way, the brothers acquire some new friends — including two ghosts and a reclusive neighbor — who give them valuable insights into the darkness they are fighting. Continue reading “Desert Shadows” by Joshua Dowidat

“Beyond Falcon’s Reach” by Jay Northearn



Gothic-medieval meets steampunk in the epic fantasy novel, Beyond Falcon’s Reach…

With the ancient blood-pact between landfolk and mountain-people at a precipice, Mourde Cullis buries himself into torturous experiments, seeking a mythical elixir of near-immortality. Continue reading “Beyond Falcon’s Reach” by Jay Northearn

BOOK EXCERPT – “The Exile of Elindel” (Book 1 of the trilogy “The Elwardain Chronicles”) by Carol Browne



Elgiva, a young elf banished from Elvendom, must seek shelter among the Saxons as her only hope of surviving the coming winter.
Godwin, a Briton enslaved by the Saxons, is a man ignorant of his own inheritance and the secret of power he possesses.
A mysterious enemy, who will stop at nothing to wield absolute power over Elvendom, is about to make his move. Continue reading BOOK EXCERPT – “The Exile of Elindel” (Book 1 of the trilogy “The Elwardain Chronicles”) by Carol Browne